Super Receptionist

We make your Business ALIVE 365 DAYS-24 HOURS-7 DAYS

  • Super Receptionist (SR) is a  “phone number” for your business.Options for FANCY Nos.
  • On calling your SR number, customers are greeted with a professional welcome message
  • Your Customer can speak to the concerned person by pressing the extension.
  • Extension can be set to your present mobile or a landline number
  • Customers can leave a voicemail in case no one answers their call

Project a Big Company Image

You want to impress your callers and convey a big business image, but want to avoid the expense of a real receptionist. You can create the appearance of multiple departments and project a professional business image.

Never Lose a Business Lead  -Every call is Important
The business is getting competitive, what if a big order was lost because your phone was powered off when the customer called. From our website, you will get a list of all the customers who called you and whose call was missed.

The 1800 numbers

Campus Alerts India presents the Business Innovation

Now take an edge over Competition.

Cost package starts at Rs. 1,000 per month.

No investment on Hardware or Software

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Just call us and assure your Business growth.
Provide best services to their customers to build a long lasting
business relationship.Strengthen the bond with Customers.

The 1800 numbers are free for callers to dial i.e. they won't be charged for the calls instead it is paid by the called party i.e. the Business Company.The main benefit is to attract more Customers ,along with giving a global identity to your business Customers don't have to pay for calling you.


  • Customers can call you from across networks and telecom providers
  • No need to have dedicated telephone lines in your office
  • Project a big company image by presenting a professionally recorded IVR to the caller
  • Set multiple departments and extensions
  • Real time access to call logs and recordings
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