The 1800 numbers

Campus Alerts India presents the Business Innovation

Now take an edge over Competition.

Cost package starts at Rs. 1,000 per month.

No investment on Hardware or Software

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Just call us and assure your Business growth.
Provide best services to their customers to build a long lasting
business relationship.Strengthen the bond with Customers.

The 1800 numbers are free for callers to dial i.e. they won't be charged for the calls instead it is paid by the called party i.e. the Business Company.The main benefit is to attract more Customers ,along with giving a global identity to your business Customers don't have to pay for calling you.


  • Customers can call you from across networks and telecom providers
  • No need to have dedicated telephone lines in your office
  • Project a big company image by presenting a professionally recorded IVR to the caller
  • Set multiple departments and extensions
  • Real time access to call logs and recordings

Toll free Features:

Welcome audio prompt greets the caller with your company’s name.
Input specific call forwarding (Press 1 or 2 …. 9) with IVR.

  • 100% call logs on real time basis
  • Multiple call forwarding numbers for failover
  • Time based call forwarding i.e.different nos. for office hours & different number for after working Hrs.
  • Time based audio prompt for after working hours.. Readymade templates, which includes
  • Subscription: To let users subscribe to your service via IVR.
  • Call Back Request: Complaint Registration: Caller  gets automated complaint no.& you will be informed via e-mail.
  • Missed and received call alerts via SMS and e-mail for future reference.( optional )
  • Limit number of calls can be received/hr from a same number to check abuse from unwanted nos..
  • Blacklist unwanted and abusive callers so that they can’t call you.
  • White-listing feature allows you to receive calls only from a specific set of users.
  • Set working days and hours so that caller will be informed about the same.
  • Detailed report will be  emailed everyday, which includes you call pattern, call received and missed.
  • Check your usage online anytime.Cloud telephony allows you to receive up to 6000 calls at a time.

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