We provide SMS services useful for businesses and organisations.  To increase efficiency, save cost and time the following services can be obtained through us.


Remote Messagings Click your mobile to reach 20,000 Customers in no time without internet and system.
Business Messaging Code Customers can access any info or service for preset keywords. Users can message the keyword for instant help.
Business Voice Messaging Reachout to customers Mobile or landline numbers. Blast voice mails on Business promotion to lakhs. Conduct surveys. Generate Business leads in minutes.
Toll Free Messaging Code Customers can Toll Free Numbers to register. For queries, for status, service calls etc.
Business Call latching Customers can send a SMS for instant call conferencing between the customer care line and the customer mobile.
Business Emailing Mass emailing for distribution of information, e-brochures etc.
Business Addressing across World Business promotion across the world can fetch more leads and prospective customers.