SMS and Voice Blast Services

Short Messaging Service is still  the proven Communication channel beimg Effective,Economical and Instant response.We are providing the SMS services with strict compliance to TRAI rules and regulations .


Transactional SMS

Promotional SMS

Voice Messaging


Corporate companies
Service sector
Emergency segmenrs


Marketing sector
Market surveys
Feed back services Emergencies
Corporate heads
Head of institutions
Forecast for farmers
Election campaigns
Association heads
Reminder messages


High priority
Instant delivery
Sender id branding
100% delivery to all mobile nos.
Real time reports
Gain credibility
Vernacular sms
Low cost communication


Priority route
Mass blasting
Instant leads
Sales increase
Real time reports
Customised messages
Vernacular sms
Low cost communication
Business ads blast
Instant & simultaneos
More effective reach
Gain credibility
Reach out to masses
Flexible record time
Low cost communication


17 paise per SMS
SMS PANEL with server access.
Unlimited Validity
18 paisa per SMS
SMS panel with server access
Unlimited validity
26 paisa per 30 seconds Voice
Unlimited Validity


Corporate and Institutional Message Broadcast

Business Messaging  to  target audience  Solicited  SMS to Customers at a preset timing. Brand Image,promote Brand ,increase Sales,Convert prospects to Sure Sales,Tap potenti Clients,retain existing Customers – all business mantras in a nutshell.

We are rather talking about an innovative technique to tap Customers and  with all ease.No Marketing gossips,No follow ups,No persistence selling and many more nays..
It’s a Business Promo Card that takes  Business to new  heights.